Friday, October 10, 2008

A walk around

My soul lives in southwestern Pennsylvania. I feel more connected to the earth here than anywhere else I have ever been. There is something special to me in this magical landscape of rolling hills. I especially love being here in October.

Today was a perfect October day. I had the day off work and was able to be outside ALL day. The sky was brilliant, the air fresh and the changing colors gorgeous.

It seems that I see more of life's tiny details when I take a walk with my camera.

These seed pods on a Bottlebrush Buckeye are about to burst.

The colors of the Redbud leaf, shaped like a heart, remind me of Aspen trees.

Some unknown critter drilled a perfect round hole into this Yucca seedpod.

The Pokeweed curves and twists like dancers in purple leotards.

The day was a gift.


MDScaper said...

Kathleen, great pictures! You left a comment on my blog yesterday about my serious affection for Neil Diamond and his music! When I was a kid we lived in Bangladesh and so all I listened to was the music of my parents and that included ND and so that's when I started to enjoy his music. I also see you like John Denver who ranks up there as one of my favourites!


Kathleen said...

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the comment. I'm thrilled you also like John. Isn't blogging grand?! Enjoy a glorious day!

Margaret Cloud said...

What a beautiful post, the pictures are so nice, it reminds me of my younger years roaming around Ohio and West Virginia, I lived in East Liverpool and my Aunt lived in Chester, W. Va. Thank you for your comment on my new post.

Mary said...

Hi Kathleen,

It's nice to meet you! I'm originally from Maryland - sometimes wishing for snow here in Charlotte :o) The fall foliage is glorious in the Mid-Atlantic Region. So you are a wanderer with your camera, too?


Kathleen said...


I'm glad you like the photos and they reminded you of your time in this part of the universe.

The colors here are exploding! It is amazing! I've not been wandering with a camera for very long, but I love looking at the world in a new way.