Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Early Snow

We had our first snow today. It is exciting to me to see the first snow fly each winter. Unfortunatley, I have no photos to share. I was at school, heard it was snowing and ran down the hall to look out a window. I watched in silence for a moment before returning to my windowless room to get ready for parent conferences. It was still snowing when I left school this afternoon. I was surprised to see a little snow on the ground as I walked out the door. I was stunned to see my snow covered car in the parking lot!

Even though the snow melted quickly, I am NOT ready for this! There was no scrapper in my car and my old winter coat is still missing new buttons. Heck, I still have yard work to finish! I think I just wrote my weekend to-do-list. I will also be posting. I plan to introduce my fur child to the blog. Please stop by to meet Bliss.


Ruth said...

We got snow too but it was just a teaser. It is going to be a lovely weekend, but I have my snow brush in the car now.

Mary said...

Whaaat? You had snow yesterday???

I remember my many years working at a high school in Maryland. The first snowfall put the kids in a frenzy...teachers were distracted. I miss snowfalls down here in Charlotte!

We're having a very cold Autumn so far and I'm hoping for more than an inch of snow this year :o)

Mary, missing Mid-Atlantic Winters

Annette said...

I was teaching a private yoga class in a student's home in a room surrounded by windows looking out into her gardens. I had just guided her into the deep relaxation of Shavasana and was quietly gazing out at the garden when the first snowflakes fell. Then they turned to rain and then snow and then rain. Beautiful and very peaceful.

Kathleen said...

The brush is in my car too! Thankfully, I won't need it this week. The temps are in the upper 60s again.

Frenzy is a good word. We were ALL excited. When I lived near LA I missed the autumn and winters too. I need to live with four seasons.

Ahh...a wonderful yoga class. Cool.