Sunday, October 12, 2008

Remembering John Denver

Eleven years ago today, a beautiful, October Sunday, turned tragic when John Denver was killed in a plane crash. The earth lost one of her strongest voices.

We are blessed that John's spirit and inspiration live on in his music. To honor John today, I selected a 1995 video to share from YouTube. The title of the song is "It's About Time." It was written in 1983, but because our world is changing so quickly and because we are nearing the tipping point of an environmental evolution, I feel it especially appropriate. John was a great visionary who was always ahead of his time.

Listen to John today. And, plant a tree. I will do both.

God bless you, John. I miss you.


Margaret Cloud said...

Time sure flys by, we did enjoy every one of his glorious songs, he had a wonderful voice, it don't seem like it has been that long. Thank you for reminding us, thank goodness you can still hear his voice in recordings, which we have.

Sheri said...

Thank you so much for reminding me about JD. We loved him so much. His music was an inspiration. We need more voices like his to remind us of life's meaning.

Annette said...

Well, you've brought me to tears with this one. What a loss the world suffered that day.

And I didn't realize John knew Swami Muktananda, who is one of the gurus from my yoga lineage.

Baker Watson said...

John Denver was a true poet of his time. His poetry was set to music and delivered in such a personal way touching those who would listen. His was a unique talent and he used it to deliver his message eloquently. Rather than 'preach' to us he told us of his thoughts and soul and let us follow him through the journey.


MDScaper said...

John Denver had some great songs spanning his entire career. "It's About Time" was one of my favourites. I also found "Wings of a Dream" particularly moving.

jtedder said...

John Denver was one of my personal heroes. I have been a fan for almost 35 years. If I am listening to a CD in my car, it is almost always John.I especially like the Wildlife Concert CD from 1995. "Amazon" is a great song. I wrote a post on my blog about John, knowing that Sunday was the 11th anniversary of his death. John Denver will always live in my heart. Thank you.

Kathleen said...

All of your special words make me smile. Thank you so very much for sharing your comments.

I love that you called John's songs "glorious." That is, as you might guess, my favorite word.

Yes, we could sure use John's voice and leadership. I think of all the songs that could have been.

I feel the earth still grieves.
On a lighter note - John, I think, knew everyone. :-)

You are right. All we had to do was to listen.

Two of your favorites are two of my favorites. John once said that "It's About Time" was, "the best song I've ever written." He did, however, say that just about every time he wrote a great song.

"Amazon" is one of my favorite songs. I actually wanted to use it in the post, but couldn't find a clip.

Let this be a voice...