Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Environmental Protection (Really?) Agency

Okay, enough about buttons, this is serious.

In Saturday's Pittsburgh Post Gazette a tiny side story on page A-5 caught my eye and made me gasp!

"EPA may ease mine rules"

What? No!

The proposal is to make is easier for coal companies to dump mountaintop mining waste near rivers and streams. The reality is these are HUGE dumps! How can anyone say this is a good idea?

GREED and the fear of a new administration which might actually care about environmental issues is behind this. The story states the rule change "has been under consideration for four years." Really? Maybe I'll also buy a bridge to nowhere. I don't think so!!!

I am far from an expert on this issue, but I do know the destruction of streams, rivers and habitat is not a good thing!

In my search for answers, I found a great website on my lunch break today:


Visit this site to learn more about mountaintop removal. The site also provides information about the Clean Water Protection Act, H.R. 2169. We need to take action to support this legislation NOW!

Please check it out and contact your representative today. If we all raise our voices we will be heard.

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