Monday, October 20, 2008

"Button, button, who's got the button?"

I have visions of sewing, of creating beautiful clothes from gorgeous fabrics. My visions include trips to New York to buy fabric and buttons - dozens and dozens of unique buttons. Buttons are gorgeous and fun! I could design a suit around a button.

I have not, however, designed that suit, or anything else, for over twenty years. It has been that long since I made Arabian horse costumes. There are many other amazing things I want to pursue so I don't carve out the time to sew. What I will find the time for is to change the buttons on an old jacket. New buttons, exquisite and elegant, will spice things up a bit.

It was time for a trip to The Parker Button Company on Pittsburgh's South Side.

Walk into the store and you are greated by a wall of buttons.

All of the buttons are color coordinated and are stacked in lovely boxes.

There are simple buttons

and high-style buttons.

Visit Parker Button Company and you leave feeling very creative!


kate said...

what a faboulous story and photos, enjoyed your blog, please ck out our new blog, i hope you enjoy following it, as much as i have yours!!! kate

Kathleen said...

Thank you Kate. I'm glad you liked the buttons.