Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Renewal

It was necessary for me to be disconnected from cyberspace for awhile. I've done no blogging or even reading of blogs - and painful, little photography for a few weeks. There is a long and very boring list of reasons. Don't worry. I will spare you the elaboration.

This morning, it finally feels like spring. At last it is raining. The grass has brightened up and tree buds are beginning to burst. I feel like I'm bursting too. I'm ready to jump into spring! I'm also eager to catch up with my favoirite blogs. I have missed you!

Since I have no current photos to share, let's spend one more day in the sand and sun of The Gulf Coast. Breathe in the ocean air, feel the breeze kiss your cheek, listen to the gulls...

As we leave the beach behind to begin a new season at Allhaven there is a lot to share. First though, let me tease you with tomorrow's topic. I was blessed to meet an amazing woman last week. She is a spiritual being who radiates hope. Tomorrow - Jane Goodall.


MDScaper said...

Kathleen, I look forward to seeing your new pictures from 2009. Brilliant seaside photos!


Naturegirl said...

Oh my word!! You met Jane Goodall!!
How wonderful was that..surely I'll tune in!
I enjoyed my quiet walk on this beach with you. I could hear the sound of the waves..wishing you a
wonderful day!

Marta McDowell said...

Hi, Kathleen. Yes, the buds are opening, and I feel that I'm coming out of winter dormancy too. Many thanks for the marvelous avian images.

Mary said...

Sometimes we just get away from the keyboard and monitor. We need it. Some people need it more than others!

I love that Great Blue Heron photo so much. How did you get that???

Kathleen, in regards to Jane word verif is:


How do you meet her???


Ruth said...

The gulf coast looks very inviting to this winter weary Canadian. Great pictures. You must have been very close to the Ring-billed gull!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Beautiful photos...that must have been a wonderful day!