Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Ray of Warmth

Yesterday was not a good day to be outdoors with a camera. We had a hard, freezing rain most of the day. When it turned to snow, well it started heavy then turned to a light but blowing snow. The snowing sideways kind of snow.

So in the search for a ray of sun I'm posting an older photo. Doesn't the sun feel good?


Annette said...

What a lovely portrait of Miss Bliss!

Margaret Cloud said...

Kathleen, that is such a pretty photo of Miss Bliss. You can get to my new blog, by clicking on my photo, it will go to my profile, then scroll down and you will see it.

Kathleen said...

Bliss sends a big, "Thank you!"

Mary said...

Hi Kathleen,

You all need a ray of warmth up there... We are getting a little warmer and feeling seasonable at 55ish.

Your cat looks like my Mini - a Maine Coone I loved for 17 years.

That's a beautiful photo.


Andrea said...

What a great photo of Bliss!!! She is a beautiful cat! :)