Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blissie's New Blanket

Bliss loves her yellow blanket. Strategically placed, the blanket projects my favorite chair, the chair she claimed as her own when just a kitten. The yellow blankie, however, was starting to look too nasty to stay. Since drastic measures had to be taken, Santa brought Bliss a new, thick, super-soft blanket for Christmas.

"My new blankie is so.....o soft. It is warm and cuddly and it is even more snuggly than my yellow blankie. And, I look stunning and gogeous on blue. Don't you agree? Thank you, Santa."

"Now mom, please. Go away. Stop taking my picture so I can sleep."


Annette said...

Such a happy little furface.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a cutie and looks so comfy.