Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deer Tracks in the Snow

Whew! It was COLD this weekend! Not as cold as many places in the midwest and northeast, but it was 7 below Saturday night. I did brave the cold to fill the feeders and take a few pictures. The deer had been here during the night and left their own version of crop circles in the snow.

Deer also visited the old apple tree in search of a piece of withered fruit still hanging within reach. This tree seems to be ancient and wise as snow cuddles in the twists and turns of his old branches.

The deer, I know, are hungry. Maybe an old, dried-up apple or the sunflower seeds licked from the feeder will help one live another day.


Margaret Cloud said...

Kathleen thats a good one, crop circles, made me grin. Its cold here in Michigan also, one thing winter is good for is taking good photos.

Ruth said...

Very wintery, but beautiful pictures. Keep warm!