Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moments at New River

Amazing. It has already been two weeks, two very busy weeks, since the New River Gorge Birding and Nature Festival. Ask any high school teacher what the job is like in May. Circle the wagons, my friends, there is A LOT to do! Add trips to the dentist to repair the tooth I broke in WV to getting the estimate and having my car repaired from the collision with a deer, also in WV, to numerous late nights watching some very intense hockey games and you have a woman with no time to blog. But, one who is a very happy Penguins fan! Whew! What a ride!

It is time to slow down and return to the mist in the mountains of West Virginia.

Meeting all of my blogging friends and new friends was the best part of the week. I'll know better next time to take more photos, but I did manage a few shots. I wish I had photos of everyone. Also, finally, sometime this week, I'll be adding links to to other blogs! Yea! A friend is going to help me understand all that html stuff - to me a language for another universe.

The unofficial Welcome Wagon at New River was the always smiling, ever joyous KatDoc.

Leslie, shown below, and Guy are great new friends even if they were cheering for the Washington Capitols.

Then, of course, there was guide extraordinaire, Julie Zickefoose.

She found us birds, and newts, and a Phoebe nest with eggs and, with hubby Bill Thompson and the other members of The Swinging Orangutangs, rocked the house!

I could not have hoped for a better birding festival. All of our guides were super and the people were awesome! Sign me up for next year!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Even though there wasn't much time to chat, it sure was nice meeting you!!

Mary said...

It was so much fun to meet you mid-week, Kathy! Next year, we will need to take it easy and enjoy each other more.

Kathleen said...

Hi Ladies,

I so much enjoyed meeting you! The flock is an amazing group of people!

LauraHinNJ said...

Too many birds (as if), too much rain, not enough time.

It was great meeting you!

Jack said...

First picture is really awesome..Great photography..

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