Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birding with Ralph Bell

Every May birders from the Ralph Bell and Three Rivers Birding Clubs descend on Ralph Bell's Farm in Greene County, PA for a day of birding, learning and friendship. We walk the country road in search of numerous species. This year the count was 72 of 74 (I forget), but most of the birds were identified by song.

Honestly, we are really there to share time with Ralph. Everyone adores him! He is 94, has lived on the farm his entire life, and he loves and knows birds. He keeps Purple Martin houses, Blue Bird boxes and has given his barn to the Barn Swallows. There are birds everywhere!

Here Ralph is teaching new birders about the evils of Garlic Mustard. Notice the women taking a whiff of this invasive plant.

On our walk we crossed several creeks and streams


easily found numerous wildflowers, like this Star of Bethlehem,

and we even caught a glimpse of the elusive "Rail Bird."

After much birding and strained necks

even by a four-years old

we broke bread and shared Cheetos before banding baby Bluebirds.


Margaret Cloud said...

What a incredible day, looks so interesting. It is always nice when someone that knows a lot about birds has a day like this. I liked his line of squash birdhouses, it must of been nice to cross creeks, brings back memories of childhood, we always liked to follow the creek back of us in Ohio. Thanks for sharing this, especially the pictures and thanks for coming by.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a fun day. We used to carry grocery bags with us to pull up garlic mustard we found along the way.

Margaret Cloud said...

Coming by to see how you are, hope your weekend is going great.

Jack said...

Thats really great to see all the photographs..U have nice photography skill..

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Unknown said...

That's wonderful, also that Ralph cares so much and educates new birders.
I could almost be a tad envious of your community there.
There are a few birders around here, but they are more seclusive than the birds we watch,....
Best wishes from South Sinai :)