Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Feel it. The earth has tilted. America has risen to a new beginning. Oh, glorious day!

We have joined together to demand a new world. A world where education is valued, health care is easily available to all, and individual dreams can be realized with work and commitment. Oh, glorious day!

We have hopes for a future where science is encouraged and held with high expectations. A future where wild places and those who live there are protected with reverence. Oh, glorious day!

We now join together to support each other, honor the hard work ahead of us and stand committed to great achievements. We will stop climate change, protect our environment and deliver an era of unity to the world. Oh, glorious day!

The world rejoices in a vision of a new world. Oh, glorious day!


Annette said...

Yes, we can!

Mary said...


Thank you. After my election melt-down last night, which I posted on my blog and somewhat regret doing so, I do feel very hopeful. We need this man and an optimistic country, at last.


Kathleen said...

We DID! :-))) and, yes, we can and will do more.

No regrets, Mary. Hope is alive and well.

Margaret Cloud said...

Kathleen I hope you are right, we do need to join together, I do wish for so many Americans that don't have good health insurance will see the new government helping them and hopefully our environment gets the attention it deserves, God bless America the land we all love.