Thursday, August 14, 2008


Simplify! Simplify! Simplification has been promoted for more than a few years, not so much as a process, but more as a command. "One must simplify!" I agree - to an extent.

I have been enjoying the many-years process of pairing down and making room and time in my life for what matters and what I care most about. But, life is enhanced by partaking in consumerism. I could be sitting in my office writing this post, but instead, because I own a laptop and had wireless installed, I am on my back porch watching birds at the feeders and geese fly overhead.

Where is the line between having too much and just enough? Do I really need a macro lens? Of course not, but it might be nice.


Annette said...

In the "old days," I had a lense with a close-up feature, plus a filter that was a glorified magnifier. I could never justify the money to buy a specific macro lense, but I don't suppose those relatively inexpensive options are available in today's digital world.

However, with the photography you do, it might be worth the investment. You'd discover a whole new tiny world.

Kathleen said...

I might splurge in a few months - around late winter, early spring - just before the buds pop out of the snow. Maybe...