Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Caught in the Act

Deer in the backyard are not usually a welcome site. I chase them, put nets or fences around certain plants and trees, and I've spent entirely too much money trying different sprays that are supposed to stop them from devouring the garden. I still couldn't bring myself to chase these twins, even though they ate every flower in the "deer buffet!"

My dad always said, "All babies are cute." Dad was right. They are. I let these babies stay.


Ruth said...

Awww..I know deer are very destructive and their numbers are increasing. I would be delighted to see these twins!

Kathleen said...

Boy are you right! I've counted 18in my backyard at one time. They do a lot of damage, but I also feel for them. We are being surrounded by urban sprawl and they are running out of places to go.

The twins were a joy to see. They would make you smile too.

Margaret Cloud said...

kathleen you are right, we have had so much building going on right in the area they run through, I to feel for them.