Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kicker Rock

Day two in the Galapagos started with a zodiac ride around Kicker Rock. We felt like characters in an Indiana Jones movie! As our zodiac captain maneuvered in the narrow crevice between the cliffs, some of us tried to sing the theme music, “Da, Da, Da, Daaaa…..Da, Da, Daa..” My friend, David, remarked that the cliffs would be closing in on us if we were in a film scene! It was great fun! We did see a few birds, but the geology of these volcanic islands and beautiful sunrise where what we will all remember.

Yes. We went into this narrow crevice...

and saw this on the other side.

Kicker Rock is HUGH!

That small black dot in the water is a zodiac filled with adventurers!

Kicker Rock is technically known as a Tuff structure because of the cememnt-like finish. Tuff is formed when the rocks and ash from a volcanic explosion mix with water vapor. I might not be an expert in geology, but I know that Kicker Rock is stunningly beautiful!


MK said...

I remember seeing this rock formation in the water from the plane as we flew into the Galapagos Islands. It looked interesting, but we didn't know then that it would be a focal point for one of our many adventures during our visit.

The approach to "Kicker Rock" on the Zodiac raft was spectacular during the early morning sunrise. This unique formation was but a playground for the many flying and nesting birds. It crawled with creatures from the sea, clinging to and crawling up the steep rocky surface.

Additional photos from fellow travelers who were on the trip can be found on a website created for that purpose. The link to the site is:

Kathleen said...

It is good to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your memories of Kicker Rock. It was a spectacular morning!

I'm so glad you mentioned all the wildlife. I should have said that we saw a few speices of birds! I stand corrected. :-)

The website you set up looks great! It is nice to see so many adding photos. I'll get mine to you asap.